Services for the Marine Sector

Our services are geared to Banks, Leasing Companies, Insurance Providers, Shipowners and Private Clients, covering all the main types of marine vessels (ranging from pleasure sailing to commercial shipping, transportation, leisure & cruise).

Technical Appraisal and Commercial Valuations

Evaluation of the general conditions of a vessel for the purposes of financing operations, purchase/sale, leasing, and repossession.

RINA Prime Value Services ensures a thorough appraisal, delivering a report that illustrates all on-board equipment and the related conditions of service, the state of on-board facilities and installations, and any necessary repair or restoration interventions. The survey is carried out on shore and may be supplemented with a subsequent sea trial intended to verify the vessel’s navigation equipment, engine, and overall performance.

The activities provided by RINA Prime Value Services cover the following domains:

Technical management - due diligence

The Technical Due Diligence is a specialised, independent assessment provided by a third-party inspector with the aims of detecting and pointing out any liabilities related to the purchase or financing of a watercraft, thus allowing the Buyer to estimate and plan future expenses linked to its operation, maintenance, and future repairs.

The Due Diligence activity is carried out in accordance with RINA’s governance model, under the assumption of preserving full impartiality and preventing conflicts of interest.

RINA Prime Value Services’ Due Diligence aims to assess the following aspects:

Technical management - Shypyard surveillance and Progress Report Certification

Shipyard surveillance and the related work progress report certification are indispensable and irreplaceable activities within the scope of Marine financing operations, that enable the Client to successfully reach their objectives in terms of time scales, costs, and quality. On-going surveillance across all the shipbuilding stages allows the Client to achieve better final outcomes that more consistently align with contractual requirements, ensuring the highest degree of added value once ready to launch the vessel.

The Technical Management activities offered by RINA Prime cover the following domains:

Advisory -Marinas

Thanks to a solid expertise in the real estate service industry, RINA Prime Value Services is the ideal interdisciplinary technical partner for all the preparatory activities leading or connected to a marina enhancement operation.

Our range of services is intended to support the strategic decision-making process, thus providing valuable tools during each stage of the process of creating value:

Our advisory activity covers the following scopes of work: