Loan services

The Valuation services we provide during the lending stage aim to define the market value of bank guarantees and manage the entire life cycle of the accounts, from initial receipt to final delivery to the Bank.

The Loan Services offered by RINA Prime Value Services comply with the Italian Banking Association (ABI) regulations, as well as Memorandum n. 285 issued by the Bank of Italy, ECB regulations, and IFRS 9 accounting standards. Our activity allows to accurately identify Market Value while providing a multi-perspective compliance investigation (e.g. administrative, town planning, building, and cadastral) of the assets offered as security for lines of credit and/or during the credit monitoring stage.



Credit Risk Mitigation

Asset Quality Review

Support for Central Monetary Institutions and Banks within the scopeof Comprehensive Assessment procedures commenced by the ECB.

The service may include more extensive activities such as:

Operative and Strategic Valuation

Assistance for the Bank during the development and implementation of optimisation strategies for operating and management procedures within the scope of lending and handling credits secured by real estate assets and/or property rights.

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