Corporate services

RINA Prime Value Services is the ideal technical partner to manage, enhance, and optimise assets, both operating and non, in Italy and abroad, with a clear objective to support corporate Clients through a range of strategic advisory services for corporate management and technical services for real estate. 

Real estate-associated overhead is all too often one of the heftiest budget items that medium and large enterprises have to deal with.

This is why the executive management of a corporate real estate portfolio, either owned properties or leaseholds, plays a crucial role in achieving cost-saving goals while also needing to
be seamlessly integrated into the company’s larger development strategy.

The high degree of complexity of the variables involved in these operations are making it increasingly important to work with competent partners who can represent the company across all the delicate stages of optimising space usage and appraising/divesting real estate assets.

RINA Prime Value Services can assist corporate management in setting up internal decision-making processes, expansion and optimisation plans, to more effectively manage strategic business operations 

The wide operational scope of Asset Management comprises a multifaceted range of strategic decision-making processes that can be broken down according to the following spheres of activity:

Support for Corporate Governance

Technical services for real estate