Business & Data Intelligence

RINA Prime Value Services employs the largest and most innovative Real Estate Business and Data Intelligence system available on the Italian market. A state-of-the-art management and valuation platform, exclusively owned, fully automated, and continually enhanced by artificial intelligence.

The RINA Prime Value Services Business Intelligence system processes millions of data items to support investment operations for either risk management or decision-making. Our team of experts transform data into organic information, providing a decisive tool for improving corporate management and operations, limiting potential risks arising from a surface-level examination, and increasing production flows.

Innovative real estate risk analysis thanks to an efficient integration of  the most important data bases available on the Italian territory:

Auction System: the largest auction archive in Italy

Free Market:

  • systematization of all relevant data on property transactions and rents across the national territory, derived from assigned funds
  • estimates for the retail and corporate sectors, carried out by BU Loan Services
  • data provided by the Gabetti Studies Centre and extracted from deeds of purchase and sale retrieved directly with the competent public archives

Socio-economic context: territorial analyses based on information circulating on the web, aimed at best defining localised territorial ratings


Artificial Intelligence

Automated data extraction in all property transaction marketplaces, retrieved directly with public archives

Benchmarking algorithms provided in the order required

Quick access to reports and data analyses allowing timely decision-making on behalf of management



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