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Our services geared to managing bank-owned NPL and UTP portfolios are provided via the NPLs RE_Solutions subsidiary.

NPLs RE_Solutions assists Credit Institutions and Servicers along all the stages of recovering overdue and distressed debt, from preliminary UTP investigations, to NPL portfolio analysis and debt recovery strategy development, from portfolio management, enhancement and divestment, up to NPL credit cash-in and disposal.

NPLs RE_Solutions through AstaSy Agency, make us of a direct network of AstaSy Point network whose day to day activities focus on auction facilitation and out of court settlements between banks and debtors, as well as sales of assets undergoing insolvency proceedings (per art. 107 R.D. 267/’42 i.e. Italy’s Bankruptcy Law).

NPLs RE_Solutions employs the largest and most comprehensive auction Big Data on the Italian market.

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