Our added value

Solid expertise

Our pride is our experience developed over more than 25 years in the industry on behalf of our management, who were the first to introduce and grow the activities we provide on the Italian market. Our team is made up of dedicated Project Managers who specialise in diverse scopes of analysis (cadastre, town planning, construction, environment, etc.)

A qualified, proactive team working closely with the Client.

International background

One of the company’s main strengths is the diverse background and proven talent of our more than 100 employees in Italy and the more than 3,900 RINA professionals worldwide, as well as the set of shared values and joint experiences that guide our work day to day.

Thanks to a wide-ranging global network with 200 offices operating in 70 countries, we can ensure our support to market operators both nationally and abroad.

Innovative BIG DATA 

The largest and most innovative Big Data in the industry.

A fully automated, state of the art management platform, undergoing constant AI update. Our Big Data system manages and combines information provided by:

DIgitalization of services

The objective of innovating and digitalising our services is at the core of our development policy, in our continued pursuit to create value for our Clients.

Thanks to our improved data management processes, we are able to offer market-leading services that provide our Clients a real competitive edge.

The increasing connectivity of our systems allows us to foster new working practices, in the best interest of our staff.

Sustainable approach

We consider the Sustainable Development Goals which guide the UN’s 2030 Agenda as a foundation for our company’s actions and for the services we offer to our Clients.

RINA Prime Value Services strives to raise awareness on the topics of sustainable investment and the green economy on several fronts, through an expertise that ranges from implementing ESG models, ESG-compliant Due Diligence, and Green Building. 

Client satisfaction

ISO 9001 certified processes and RICS-compliant performance standards, always conforming to the most recent national, EU and international regulations (Basel Accords II and III).

Evolved valuation methods 
and exclusive economic-financial analysis procedures.

We are always committed to ensuring the highest client satisfaction we can provide.



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