We fight the spread of the Coronavirus by guaranteeing the quality and continuity of our services

In response to the spread of the Coronavirus, RINA Prime Value Services immediately committed itself to ensuring that all work activities carried out at the offices and at its customers are carried out in compliance with the highest health safety standards that can be insured in this emergency.

For RINA Prime Value Services, it is a priority to protect the health of all personnel and their families, of the customers with whom it works and interfaces every day, to contribute to the pursuit of an important institutional objective and to safeguard the continuation of the services provided.

These are the activities implemented:

The IT infrastructures provided and the agile working model make it possible to ensure the operation of all the Group's Business Units.

We are aware of the fact that appropriate individual and collective behavior can help limit the spread of the infection, we will carefully monitor the situation and identify, if and as necessary, any further measures. 

Piercarlo Rolando
RINA Prime Value Services SpA